The Story In Our Heads 📖 #123

Seismic events are like buses

Ting-ting. Source:

They come along in threes.

  1. Brexit
  2. Covid
  3. Ukraine

Something about nothing.

Sometimes we look for something that isn’t there.

Ever heard of p-hacking?

My Insightful colleague, Adam, was talking to me about a similar thing called ‘data dredging’ aka ‘p-hacking’.

Why do we look for something that isn’t there?

Our brains like to knit data together — to create a story that we tell ourselves is true.


There’s another thing that gets in the way of us interpreting data effectively.

Overheard on the Demand Curve community.

A marketer had seen the results of a landing page test.

That’s it for this week.




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George Beverley

George Beverley

I write about UX and Research. Day job is with the Insightful UX folks. AKA The Audience Detective and part-time lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth.