People Learn in Different Ways

Some folks like to read words, some like pictures. Some learn by doing stuff. Others prefer listening to people talk.

George Beverley
2 min readAug 13, 2021


What I’m about to say will sound odd here on Medium where words are the currency —but I’m gonna’ test talking instead of writing.

Here’s why

I recently finished The 2020 Vision Programme run by the good people from the Happy Startup School.

I learned that talking through stuff might have a bigger impact than writing about it.

Throughout that programme, we talked and shared ideas as a group. I learned differently. And that made me think about how I shared my ideas with others.

Yes, I like to write and draw. But I thought less of talking as a way of learning, which is silly because I can remember a lot of what people have said to me over the years. Some polite, some less so!

So here’s what I’m gonna’ talk rather than write about: The 5 Planes of UX.

Besides Jesse James Garrett’s book, The 5 Planes of UX has been written extensively on Medium. By more experienced and gifted writers than I. Writers like Urooj Qureshi

The 5 Planes looks logical to those of us who are lucky enough to know (if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that’s potentially you too).

But what of ‘the others?’

Those who are not in the Medium bubble?

Perhaps they don’t like blog articles. Maybe they don’t have time to read. Perhaps the UX community appears too intimidating to the outsider.

Do they learn differently?

Could they benefit from hearing about the process? I hope so. It is those folks whom I’m looking to talk with.

My experiment

I thought I’d talk the process through with a few slides on a Crowdcast. It’s a chance to test how well that process goes down.



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