Some folks like to read words, some like pictures. Some learn by doing stuff. Others prefer listening to people talk.

What I’m about to say will sound odd here on Medium where words are the currency —but I’m gonna’ test talking instead of writing.

Here’s why

I recently finished The 2020 Vision Programme run by the good people from the Happy Startup School.

I learned that talking through stuff might have a…

It’s getting darker and colder. Xmas ads are on the telly.

Let me take you back to last summer…

Sandwich board story

Yum yum

Last summer I went day-tripping to Weymouth. ⛱️

During my walk around the town, I stopped and read a sandwich board sign that read:

‘Homemade Cakes >’

I took a chance…

Are you ‘time poor’?

What about your customers? Do they say:

“There just aren’t enough minutes in the day.”

“I’ve seen your proposal — just haven’t had time to read it.”

They say they’re ‘snowed under’ — then you see them out shopping.

We find the time to do the…

You’ve probably been through hundreds of customer journeys.

By the time we hit adulthood, we’ve bought mobile phone contracts, taken mortgages. paid bills and leased cars.

Most of us are seasoned customer journey takers.

We know what’s good and bad. Here in the UK, moaning about poor customer service is like a national sport. Brands with poor service are regularly vilified like politicians and fatcat bankers.

Let's take this down the pub.


That cold I moaned about in the last issue.

Still hanging around. 🤧

Things I notice about getting older:

  • colds last longer
  • music gets louder.
  • terms & conditions get smaller.

Am I a grumpy old man…?

This happens

Do we change as we get older?

For years, experts thought our personalities were fixed in childhood or around the…

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even with emojis, gifs and Instagram. Words still matter — here’s my attempt to explain why.

Doctors orders

Spell to sell

How much could a spelling mistake cost your business?

That typo on your website might cause a potential customer to think twice before they buy.

Your client might rage if you spell their name wrong.

But typos can cost a lot more…

Ever heard of NASA's exploding hyphen?

July 22, 1962, at 9:21 AM, US space…

Do you write stuff down? Or doodle?

Or type it all on-screen?

The secrets of drawing by hand have long been known by artists and the like.

But why is the humble scribble or doodle so powerful?

How can you draw more and do more? …

Barry Schuler, space travel and the Internet

Back in the year 2000, when Barry Schuler was boss of internet service provider, AOL, he said that the internet would:

“…transcend the Industrial Revolution on the effect humankind”

They must’ve thought Schuler was bonkers at the time. We now know he was right.

Schuler’s career has been described as…

Why there’s no such thing as stereotypical customer

Let’s talk Mini Drivers.

I got a new car

It’s a bright, red Mini with black trim. It’s now parked outside my house.

My neighbour saw the car and texted me cheekily:

– ‘are you a hairdresser now?’

I replied:

– ‘estate agent’.

I’m neither. But it’s a great example of…

Are you a natural salesperson? Or, maybe the word ‘sales’ make you cringe?

Want the lowdown on selling? Meet ‘Blake’ played brilliantly by Alec Baldwin in the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.

Spare a thought for sales folk

Blake is the archetypal salesperson we love to hate. Do we judge him and others too harshly? I mean, any business needs sales.

Do you have to sell as part of your job?

What’s your style? You get your ‘Blake on’ and crush it?

Do you…

George Beverley

I write about UX and Research. Day job is with the Insightful UX folks. AKA The Audience Detective and part-time lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth.

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